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Red Wing Shoes

photography production

Red Wing Shoes was founded in 1905, and its iconic styles are still around today. We work closely with the Red Wing team to help them bring high-quality American-made boots to the streets, the workplace, and everywhere in between.


  • Photography
  • 360º Video
  • Retouching
  • Illustrations
  • Design
  • Prepress
  • Animation

The Challenge

Coordinating hundreds of assets and many different priorities with the Red Wing Shoes marketing team to concept and create a 28-page product brochure.

Flexible production and creative solutions

Our team helps Red Wing finish complex projects. For this project, we did not receive all of the prototypes at the same time. However, we created a flexible schedule and we worked additional hours to complete the brochure on time.

With our expertise as a marketing resource company, we developed tabs that worked with the design concept and the printer. Our attractive mockups made Red Wing confident that they would love the finished piece.

Seamless Planning and Delivery

Studio Eight provides punctual solutions for a seamless customer experience. Before this project, our team planned ahead to work around any possible issues. We also developed creative solutions for image renderings, illustrations, and printing.

Client Quote

“Studio Eight has been an extraordinary creative partner. They consistently deliver on tight deadlines, and they make a point of knowing our business to catch things that we oftentimes miss. Our sales rep, Tom Slagle, has gone above and beyond our expectations and is considered more of a co-worker than a business partner.”

Red Wing Shoes