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Production design and prepress


Attention to production details

Attention to Detail

Studio Eight has been building print-ready files for more than 40 years, and we’re known for our attention to detail. Our client projects range from catalogs to bus wraps, ad files for local or nationwide publications to Times Square billboards. We work from concepts, layouts, complete page files, or final PDFs. We handle as much or as little as our clients need. Our retouching team can make the perfect image, and our color management experts can prep images for any type of print or online usage. In desktop, we build out thousands of pages each year, and we provide consistent, color-accurate final proofs. And, many of our clients store all of their images in our digital asset management (DAM) system.

Prepress services


When you’re spending time and money to design, print, and mail your important pieces, Studio Eight has the specialists that will be sure you get what you’re paying for. Our experienced team will contact the printers and publishers to verify specifications. We’ll build the documents and convert the images to adjust for paper stock. We’ll extend bleeds for appropriate gutters, and we’ll proof everything using curves designed to match what you’ll get on press. Our company has thrived by understanding and delivering files that provide the best print job possible.

Image retouching services


Our team of retouchers handles the technical job of putting new packaging files on existing images as well as the artistic job of putting blue skies on cloudy days. We help our clients save on photography costs by shooting their products at Studio Eight and then dropping those products into stunning environments. For product images, we bring our clients’ products into our color studio and color correct images to accurately represent what they're selling. The end results are amazing images that display products in stunning yet accurate environments to tell a more beautiful story.

Computer generated imagery (CGI) services

Computer Generated Imagery

Provide your 3D design files and your vision for the final product, and we’ll do the rest. CGI is an amazingly effective way to get new products from firm concept in a CAD file to completion before they have even been manufactured. Studio Eight will work with your 3D CAD designs to deliver a finished image that can be fixed or animated based on your end use.

Digital asset management (DAM)

Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management (DAM) through Studio Eight makes it easy to search, sort, retrieve, and deliver assets, including images, video, and audio. Your experience is customized for your unique use and for maximum efficiency. Uses range from searches using metadata to color markup using our soft-proofing options. There are many ways to store digital assets these days, but Studio Eight's Pro Image Center is on its own level. Our in-house experts help customize, organize, and maintain your assets for ultimate utilization of your resources.