Key things to look for in a 3rd party creative resource.

Inevitably, some things fall to the wayside. Maybe the creative team is already swamped. It’s possible the project was launched and quickly failed. Or perhaps there is no creative team. But, at some point, the backlog of projects can’t be ignored any longer. But what are you supposed to do when there’s no time or resources to do the work?

Finding a flexible team to support your brand is a challenge. Consider outsourcing. Hiring additional full-time employees is expensive. Consider the cost: PTO, health care premiums, retirement plans. And if your projects ebb and flow, you’re paying employees to twiddle their thumbs during the slow season.

So, you’ve got to fill the gap between hiring a full-service creative shop and contracting with freelancer for your overflow projects. But what should you even look for in a third-party creative resource?

  1. Team Look for a team that works together to support client projects. Great minds feed off of each other, so you want a team to work on your behalf.
  2. Experience Find a team with decades of experience supporting brands. Look for long-standing client relationships; clients are loyal to teams that get things done right on time and on budget.
  3. Flexible Expect nothing less than flexibility and support. Will this team work onsite? Are they too busy to make your project a priority? Is it their way or the highway? If so, run in the other direction!
  4. Cost Effective Get an estimate and know what’s included. How many rounds of revisions are included? Always define the scope of work and be as detailed as possible. Don’t know how to define it? Ask! Clients help a project be cost-effective by being organized and clearly defining the scope of work before the project begins. We all know that time is money, and when creative teams take on additional hours, the bill is adding up.

It is possible to find a creative team to fill the gap between an expensive full-service creative shop and a freelancer. By using Studio Eight's four simple steps, you’re sure to build a lasting relationship with an awesome creative team.

If you have questions about using 3rd party creative resources please feel free to contact us at Studio Eight